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[Re] Rock Introduction

[Re] Waste and Elms Weeping Tile Forge a Landmark Agreement to Transform Plastic Waste into [Re] Rock

[Edmonton, March 8, 2024] - [Re] Waste, a leader in sustainable plastic recycling, and Elms Weeping Tile Ltd, a distinguished commercial and residential foundation and drainage company, have embarked on a revolutionary partnership. This collaboration is set to divert an incredible 150 million pounds of plastic from landfills, converting it into [Re] Rock for use in the construction industry.

The initiative stands to make a significant environmental impact. By diverting 150 million pounds of plastic, equivalent to about 68,000 metric tons, the project is estimated to save around 112,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This reduction is a testament to the effectiveness of recycling in mitigating the environmental impact of plastic waste.

[Re] Waste's innovative process plays a key role in this transformation. The company collects and processes various types of plastics, including rigid and film materials (types 1-7). These are shredded, rinsed, and then extruded in a proprietary process to produce [Re] Rock, offering a sustainable alternative for traditional aggregate in construction projects. This groundbreaking project, underpinned by a $4 million purchase order, aims to tackle the pressing issue of plastic waste in Canada, where annually, 3 million tonnes of plastic are destined for landfills. The partnership is a significant leap in embracing circular economy principles in the construction sector.

Looking ahead, [Re] Waste and Elms Weeping Tile are committed to expanding their impact. The project's first phase aims to divert 150 million pounds of plastic, with subsequent phases targeting 350 million and ultimately 500 million pounds annually. These goals highlight the need for plastic recycling solutions and dedication to a sustainable future in construction.

The project's momentum is growing with additional purchase orders worth $6 million, bringing the total value to $10 million. This support from various businesses underscores the industry's commitment to innovative environmental solutions.

Corey Saban, Founder and CEO of [Re] Waste, shares, "Collaborating with Elms Weeping Tile is a fantastic opportunity to showcase how environmental solutions can be seamlessly integrated into the construction industry. Their willingness to innovate and lead is exactly what we need to make a substantial impact. Together, we're not just reducing landfill waste; we're reshaping the industry's approach to material usage."

Trevor Elms, of Elms Weeping Tile Ltd, adds, "This collaboration with [Re] Waste aligns with our core values of quality service and environmental responsibility. Utilizing [Re] Rock in our projects demonstrates our commitment to sustainable practices and advancing industry standards."

About [Re] Waste: [Re] Waste is a leading sustainable company focused on transforming waste into valuable resources within the largest circular economy network. The company is dedicated to reducing environmental impact and aiding businesses in achieving their ESG goals, driving change towards a sustainable future.

About Elms Weeping Tile Ltd: Elms Weeping Tile Ltd, based in Edmonton, Alberta, is a leader in foundation repair and drainage solutions, serving both commercial and residential sectors. Renowned for their efficient service and a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, they place a high priority on incorporating sustainable practices into their operations.

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