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Transform Your Business with Our Tailored Recycling Solutions



EcoBin Lite

Our retail program distributes specially designed boxes to retail businesses for convenient disposal of used packaging, promoting responsible recycling and a greener future.



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EcoBin Plus

Our commercial program efficiently manages plastic waste up to 800 lbs, helping businesses achieve their sustainable initiatives. Contact us to design a recycling solution for your material.



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EcoBin Max

Our industrial program effectively handles plastic waste weighing over 1,000 lbs, empowering businesses to meet their sustainability goals. Get in touch with us today to customize a recycling solution for your material.                                                                         


  How It Works

Collect plastic-short

1. Collect

We develop turnkey collection programs to help you meet your diversion goals. We can collect any type of plastic waste, including cannabis packaging, and other post-industrial or post-consumer materials.

2. Process

We create value by processing plastic waste into usable forms. We offer the following processing services:

  • Granulate: We shred plastic waste into small pieces that can be used for further processing or manufacturing. The flake can also be pelletized.
  • Size Reduction: We reduce the size of plastic waste to make transportation more efficient and economical.
  • Densify: We compress plastic waste into dense blocks or pellets that can be easily stored or shipped.
Plastic manufacturing-1

3. Manufacture

We utilize post-industrial and post-consumer plastic waste to create our 100% recycled plastic products. We offer the following manufacturing services:

  • Sheet Goods: We produce durable and versatile plastic sheets that can be used for various applications, such as furniture, signage, or construction.
  • Rolling Trays: We create 100% recycled plastic rolling trays that support the circular economy within the cannabis industry. Our rolling trays are stylish, functional, and eco-friendly.
  • Doob Tubes: We create 100% recycled plastic doob tubes (pop tubes) that are used for storing your pre-rolls. Our doob tubes are odor-proof, moisture-resistant, and child-resistant.

4. Audit

We help you assess your plastic footprint and identify opportunities for improvement. We offer the following plastic audit services:

  • One Month: We conduct a one-month audit to identify the sources and types of plastic packaging in your business and develop an action plan to divert it from ending up in landfills and oceans.
  • Sustainability Reporting: We compile all the collection data in a report that you can share with your partners and community.
plastic auditing