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Lactinet Edmonton and [Re] Waste Join Forces to Recycle Plastic Waste

[Re] Waste is delighted to announce its partnership with Lactinet Edmonton, a leading provider of herd management solutions and milk testing services.

As part of this partnership, [Re] Waste will receive plastics used in Lactinet’s testing and production processes as part of our EcoBin program. Our program helps businesses and industries manage their plastic waste responsibly and spare our landfills from the burden of excess garbage.

This initiative aligns with [Re] Waste’s mission to create a circular economy and a positive social impact. By diverting plastic waste from landfills and oceans, [Re] Waste is reducing its environmental footprint and creating value from waste. By partnering with Lactinet Edmonton, [Re] Waste also creates employment opportunities and supports local innovation.

[Re] Waste is excited to join forces with Lactinet and other eco-friendly businesses in the region to create a greener future for Alberta and Canada.